Margill Loan Manager – Principal and Interest forecast

Question:  I need to break down the due payment for the next fiscal into Due payment interest portion total and Due payment principal portion. Answer: If you are on version 4.3 and above (go to to download) go to Reports > Personalized Reports > Record List (Customized) with Period Breaks. 1) Report template Click […]

Margill Loan Manager – General Ledger (GL) Accounts

Questions: 1. In terms of the accounting report and accounting identifiers, are these captured at the borrower level,  or the record level? How is this selection made and where is it used/displayed on the accounting report? 2. In our accounts we split interest accrued and other fees by product type, i.e. a separate GL account […]

Typical questions before software purchase – Margill Loan Manager

Questions: We are a secured lender, our loans are secured against properties. Does the system allow us to input details of the property and loan to value against each loan? How do I do this? Will the system give me an overview of our loan book as a whole? Some clients pay monthly, some clients we […]

How can I set up multiple Global Initial Fees in Margill Loan Manager?

Question: How to set Global Initial Fees which are a) a flat $100, b) a Dealer Fee of 7% of the loan amount and c) an Admin one time initial fee of 7% of the loan amount. These fees are financed, not paid up front… How and where do I set the Initial 3 fees […]

How do we update the interest rates for multiple records at once?

Question:  The Prime rate changed. How do we update the interest rates for multiple records at once?





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