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Loan Management Software

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The Margill software product line is simple to use, offers complete flexibility and the highest accuracy for:

  • Regular and complex payment schedules and amortization for loans, mortgages and ARMs, leases, lines of credit, collection and investments
  • Interest calculation at fixed or variable interest rates
  • Simple or compound interest
  • APR, APY and effective yield computations including complex loans
  • Global portfolio management (loans, lines of credit, mortgages, leases, collection)
  • Law computations that include prejudgment and post judgment interest and court fees

First created in 1992, Margill products are used around the globe in over 32 countries.

"I use Margill (Standard Edition) more and more and I'm at that point, where I could no longer work without it! I truly enjoy your software and I commend you for the quality of presentation of the tables and the precision of the calculations, it is really impressive!" - Yyes T., Distributor

Margill Loan Manager has really made my life so much easier. The program also caught several errors I was making. I was charging the clients less than I should have been. I corrected that right away and saved myself thousands of dollars. - George M., Mortgage specialist


Margill Product Features

Margill Standard Edition

Offers multiple calculations at fixed or variable interest rates including simple and compound interest between two dates, amortization including complex payment situations, present value calculations, plus many other practical calculations More...

Typical clients: accountants, real-estate, construction & land developer, financial planners, corporate finance

Interest Calculation Software

Margill Law Edition

Same basics and calculations as Standard Edition plus a judgment collection module that includes prejudgment and post judgment interest as well as court costs. More...

Typical clients: lawyers, corporate and government legal departments

Prejudgment and Postjudgment interest calculation software

Margill Loan Manager

Loan, mortgage, lease, accounts receivable, line of credit, judgment and investment portfolio management including paid, unpaid, partial and late payments reporting; amortization computations (payment schedules ); payment status and comments; client invoicing and statements; custom reports and export to accounting system or banking systems for pre-autorized payments; loan document management, alerts/reminders module. More...

Typical clients: small lenders (10 to 5000 loans), development agencies, microfinance institutions (MFIs), accountants, investors

Margill Loan Manager software
Interest and Indexation tables

Historical and regularly updated central bank rates, pre and post judgment rates for US states, Canadian provinces, European countries and Australia. Updated regularly and sent by e-mail as soon as updated. See list

Indexation tables for consumer price index and main stock market indices (America, Europe).
See list

Margill Interest, Indexation  Tables


  • For Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 98
  • Multiple currencies :$, £, €, F, ¥, R, DA, Rs...etc.
  • Simple or compound interest
  • Interest at fixed or variable rates (including fluctuating rates +/- x% from date x)(multiple interest tables included and create your own)
  • Bilingual software (English and French)
  • See why NO other interest calculation software even comes close

 Calculation Standards

  • International standards and recognized principles for the calculation of interest (Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa)
  • United States banking rules (Regulation Z, Truth in Lending Act)
  • European Community rules (Directive 98/7/CE)
  • Canadian rules
  • Calculation conventions: Actual/Actual (also known as Actual/365)(ISDA), 30/360, Actual/360 and Actual/365 (fixed)
  • Amortization methods Effective Rate (Normal), Simple interest, Capitalized Simple interest, Fixed Principal and Interest only
  • Compounding: annual, semiannual, quarterly, every 4 weeks, twice monthly, every 2 weeks, weekly, daily
  • Payments: see compounding frequencies + every 2 periods + every x days
  • See Highly specialized features (for total accuracy in Amortization)
  • Consult our much acclaimed White Paper on Interest Calculation


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