Seamless Legal/Litigation Fees Finance Management and Interest Calculation for Law Firms

Seamless Legal/Litigation Fees Finance Management and Interest Calculation for Law Firms with Margill Loan Manager Many law firms, particularly, personal injury lawyers (accidents, injuries, claims, liability) will finance their client costs and fees until the settlement occurs, at which time they will deduct these fees, costs and now interest, from the settlement amount. With rising […]

Webinar – What’s new in version 5.4

See the cool new features in version 5.4 released from January 22 to September 15, 2022. For more details on the new additions, please visit the Release Notes page. 

Automated invoice numbering

Q: I created an invoice in Margill (via Document Merge) and would like to know if it can number the invoices automatically. A: A few options are available in Margill First method: By using the Global Changes function import your invoice numbers directly into your Records. Let’s start by creating a Custom field to import […]

Margill Pacific Tour

Last November, Margill’s CEO embarked on a three-week adventure in the Pacific. He went to implement Margill Loan Manager and train clients in the Marshall Islands, Guam, and Papua New Guinea. Here are a few pictures from the journey!       Also, through the services of Planetair, we decided to offset the climate effect […]

Government of Canada’s consultation on lowering the criminal rate of interest

This past August, the Government of Canada launched its anticipated consultation paper to seek feedback from stakeholders and vulnerable members of the public on the criminal rate of interest and the availability of high-cost installment loans often offered by alternative lenders. While the Government of Canada’s policy goal has not resulted in a new criminal […]

CARR releases anticipated CDOR loan fallback language

On August 3, 2022, the Canadian Alternative Reference Rate working group (CARR) published the highly anticipated recommended fallback language for loan agreements (the Recommended Language) that use the Canadian Dollar Offered Rate (CDOR) as the interest rate benchmark, together with a white paper that provides an overview of the language (the White Paper). The Recommended Language was […]

Margill’s CEO accepts 5-minute video challenge

Margill’s CEO, Marc Gelinas, was recently put to the challenge to make a video to show most of the main features of the Margill Loan Manager software.  Knowing that the software contains  more than 600 000 lines of code, and knowing that nowadays, everything needs to be short and sweet in order to keep the […]

Survol des régimes fédéral et québécois de protection des consommateurs de certains produits et services financiers

Le 30 juin prochain entrera en vigueur le nouveau Cadre de protection des consommateurs de produits et de services financiers et son règlement. Dans ce bulletin, on présente certaines des règles intégrées au Cadre, sous la perspective de règles similaires applicables au Québec en matière de protection des consommateurs de services financiers. Ce bulletin présente également certaines des […]

On a $1000 loan at 20% interest, why is my interest not $200 for one year?

Q: On a $1000 loan at 20% interest, why is my interest not $200 for one year? A: This is a common question that we often get and some information is missing to answer the question so we’ll analyse this, taking into account various scenarios and how to manage this in Margill Loan Manager. There is […]

Margill Loan Manager: Amount Due at current date or any date to “get back on track”

A most appreciated feature in Margill Loan Manager (MLM) is its quick access to four variables, accessible in the reports or in the Main window, that allow the user to instantly see the amount that must be paid by the Borrower to “get back on track” if one or several payments are missed, partial or […]