How to add late fees automatically?


How to add late fees automatically?


1) Margill Administrator: Go to Tools > Settings > Column Fees Titles (in version 4.3 name will be changed to Custom Column Titles). Change the Column Fees to the name you want and Save.

2) Still in Settings, go to Column Fees: Automatic. You set up the fees as you wish based on Line status and the type of Column Fees. In the example below there are 3 fees, the first for an Unpaid Payment, $25 will be charged.

3) Now in each loan you must activate the Automatic Fees. Open up a Record, go to Advanced and check “Use Automatic Column Fees for this Record”. This would be a long process, Record by Record, so see below to make bulk changes…

If you want to change multiple Records at once, go to the Main window, select the Records where automatic fees are to be used, right click with the mouse and choose Global changes. See the images below. Words not really required…



Highlight desired records and right click with the mouse. Change to Active.

Now the auto fees will be applied when you change a Line status from Due Pmt to Unpaid (or other rule created).