Margill Loan Manager – Detailed Features

Getting started

  • Import your Borrowers in seconds directly from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Import your regular and irregular loans and payments from an Excel spreadsheet


  • PC: Windows based / Citrix / Remote Desktop
  • PC: Mac running Parallels Desktop
  • Available as network installed (your infrastructure) or in the Cloud (SAAS)
  • Uses its own database (Hyperfile)(database is encrypted)
  • Database can be located at any desired location on a local area network (LAN)
  • Can easily be installed and accessed in the Cloud
  • Network (multi-user) or Single User
  • Manage from 10 to 40,000+ loans
  • Search tool in the Main window (Multiple field search)
  • Users: Administrator, Power, Regular, Draft, Read-only
    • Various other rights can be provided or removed
  • Large database quick data refresh
  • Login by User name and Password
    • “Strong” (versus simple) password may be set as mandatory
  • New 5.3 – ADMIN user only can activate additional security and confidentiality measures including:
    • 6 activity logs saved as JSON files
    • “Strong” password
    • And many more…
  • Ultra high resolution (4K) and small very high resolution screen (>1080p) optimization

The Math

  • Simple Interest
  • Simple Interest Capitalized
  • Compound Interest
  • Multiple Compounding Periods (no need to match payment frequency)
  • Multiple Payment Frequencies and Irregular
  • Regular or Irregular First Payment Date
  • Multiple Day Counts (Actual/Actual, Actual/365, Actual/360, 30/360)
  • Short & Long Periods
  • Mix of Compound and Simple interest in one schedule (pretty advanced stuff!!)
  • Add-on (precomputed) Interest


  • Accept / Reject applications (bulk import via Excel and JSON)
  • Create payment schedules
  • Create loan documents
  • Store documents

Interest Rates

  • Fixed Interest Rate
  • Variable Interest Rates (with interest tables or updated manually)
    • Multiple base rates (Prime, LIBOR, etc.)
  • Variable rates + or – x% as the spread
  • Update interest rates in bulk (for multiple selected loans at once)
    • Change interest rates for all future payments or for a specific time period only
  • Recompute payments (optional) when new rate is applied
  • Rates up to 6 decimal places

Borrowers – Guarantors – Creditors

  • Client (Borrower/Guarantor) Database
  • Creditor Database
  • Borrower and Creditor databases independent from the loan itself
  • Number of borrowers that can be entered in the system is triple (3x) the number of loans purchased with the license
  • Multi-lender, Syndicated loans (Can include dozens/hundreds of Creditors / Reports participation of each)
  • Co-Borrower(s) for a loan
  • Guarantor(s) for a loan
  • Employer Database
  • Maximum Credit for all of a Borrower’s Loans
  • Unlimited custom fields for Borrower, Creditor and Loan
  • Multiple Loan Officers for a Creditor
  • Metro 2 Credit reporting fields
  • Add Notes or Attach files to a Borrower
  • Import new Borrower data in bulk via spreadsheet
  • New 5.3 –Automatic import and update in near real-time of Borrower’s data via a JSON or Excel file through a Windows Service
  • New 5.3 – Automatic Import/Export from/to Salesforce (CRM) of Borrower data.

International and Standards

  • Multi-Currency / Convert to one currency
  • Truth-in-Lending Act (USA)
  • Canadian Regulations
  • European Regulations
  • Standard Interest Calculation Methodology (for most jurisdictions in the world)
  • English & French Versions

Amortization Table

  • Custom Payment Plans (Regular, Irregular, Principal and Interest, Interest-only, Fixed Principal, Lump Sum, Combination of these, Rate-Adjusted Payments, Recomputation of Payments, Interest Rate Changes)
  • Additional Principal (Waterfall advances) to an existing Loan (Phased disbursements)
  • Fees, Penalties, Insurance, Taxes (Add others and name as desired)
  • Interest or No Interest on Added Principal, Fees, Penalties, Insurance and Taxes
  • Custom Payment Types (over 90) (Adapt the payment types to your exact needs) (Example: Paid Visa, Paid Check, Admin Fees, etc.)
  • Custom Additional Principal Types (Name as you wish)
  • Irregular Payments Management (Unpaid, Partial, Late)
  • Principal-only payments
  • Interest Paid “In Advance”
  • End-of-month payments or on the 28, 29, 30, 31
  • Custom interest regular “capitalization” date

Easy User Customization

  • Custom Fields (Unlimited)
  • Custom Scroll Menus
    • Import and update scroll menus via spreadsheet
  • New 5.3 – Customization of names and multiple standard fields
  • Custom Dashboard (Main Window):
    • Set data displayed by user
    • Custom Display Record filters
    • Rename fields names shown in Main window
    • see portfolio trends and interesting data with Widgets
  • Custom Payment Types (over 90 types)(Paid Cash, Paid EFT, Extra Pmt, etc.)
    • Set special attributes to these payment types (must be >0.00,  <0.00 or =0.00)
  • Custom Reports with hundreds of fields
  • Custom columns (3 monetary, 3 numerical, 3 text) to enter extra loan information


  • Post payment tool that allows batch posting
  • Post paid, unpaid, partial and late payments, add Fees, add Comments, etc. “Unpay” paid payments in batch.
  • Post payments via an Excel sheet (Unique line ID for each payment or exact date and amount)
  • Import regular and irregular payments (or extra Principal) in bulk from a simple Excel sheet. Add multiple other data for each payment (Comment, Note, etc.)
  • Change future transaction data in bulk (with an Excel sheet)
  • Send emails in bulk with templates
  • Record Sorting and Search
  • Sort by multiple criteria
  • Record Display Filter
  • Record Notes (unlimited length)
  • Notes now timestamped by user and cannot be changed after 24 hours
  • Record Notes on Individual Payment Lines
  • History (Log) of Changes
  • Attach Files to a Record
  • Returned checks module
  • Global import/changes in the database via Excel sheet
  • Bulk import and change data and fees in payment schedule (via Excel sheet)
  • Quick Irregular payments entry
  • Backup (automatic or one-click when needed)
  • Sandbox (test environment) before updating to latest version


  • System Alerts, Line status Alerts, Record Alerts, Payment Line-specific Alerts, Conditional Alerts
  • Send automatic reminders to Borrowers by Email (upcoming payments, unpaid payments, etc.). Create your own templates.
  • Show and change Notes directly from Alerts
  • Add Alerts from the Alerts module
  • Send Emails automatically from the Alerts module
  • Maximum credit for a Borrower for all his Active loans in the system

Reporting – Invoices – Statements

  • Custom Reports using over 1000 fields + Custom fields+ Equations you create
  • New 5.3 – Sorting and subtotals according to the chosen fields in the Record list.
  • Automatic report creation (overnight or anytime) and import to third-party software (report generation with Windows Task scheduler)
  • Create Advanced queries (include or exclude part of portfolio)
  • Executive Dashboard (Portfolio overview – number of records, amounts, averages and graphics)
  • Transactions Report
  • Financial Projections
  • Contracts, Letters, Invoices, Statements (Custom Merges with your Word (DOCX or RTF) Documents)
  • Produce DOCX, RTF or PDF documents
  • Send Invoices / Statements in bulk by Email, attach to Record, save and print with one click
  • Creditor/investor statements (including participation loans)
  • Mathematical Equations: Add, subtract, multiply, divide… fields together
  • Data fields classified by theme
  • Standard Reports
  • Detailed payment schedules (Including Quarterly, Yearly, Fiscal Year-end Totals)
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Reports (or Between any Dates)
  • Current Balances
  • Escrow reporting
  • Repayment Ratio
  • Detailed Accounting Data (see below)
  • Ageing report (current, 30, 60, 90… days late)
  • Credit reporting (Metro 2) (with Credit Manager 5 by The Service Bureau)(USA and Canada)

APR Module

  • Very sophisticated calculation for multiple APR scenarios
  • Fees can be Paid up-front, Financed or Paid subsequently
  • Paid Financed fees distribution by type


  • Accounting automatic refund order:
    • Fees, Interest, Principal
    • Order may me modified
    • Great flexibility for irregular orders
  • Export Debits and Credits to your General Ledger (QuickBooks, Sage 50/300, Acomba, CSV, TXT, Excel)
  • Over 350 accounting fields for reporting:
  • Interest Accrued and Paid, Paid Principal, Outstanding Amounts, Principal Balance, Due Interest, Payment source, etc.
  • Export to your GL as Lender or as Borrower
  • Total Debits and Credits by account

Electronic Funds Transfer

  • New 5.3 – United States – ACH with NACHA file
  • Automatic debit from bank account – Canada via Perceptech
  • Returns management directly in Margill

Fees, Insurance and Taxes

  • Include fees, insurance or taxes with automatic recomputation based on:
    • Percent of loan balance
    • Percent of interest accrued
    • Percent of principal balance and days (same calculation as Simple interest)
    • Simply an amount set by user that can be changed as needed
  • Fees (or other) can be added as columns (4 custom named columns) or as lines
  • Column fees automatically generated according to the rules established by the Administrator
  • Column Sales Taxes automatically eliminated for unpaid payments
  • Escrow module
  • Easily change Fees refund order
  • Automatic fees based on number of days late
  • New 5.3 – Automatic fees according to the Record Type or a Custom field.
  • Column fees paid automatically according to a preset refund order that can be modified

Web Features

  • Bulk import loan applications and accept or decline (via Excel or JSON). Keep history of all applications
  • Web Portal for your borrowers and investors to consult various data pertaining to their loan(s)(you decide on which data can be seen)
  • Gmail “OAut  2.0” protocol for sending emails

Cool Features

  • Customize your Dashboard (Main window) – important data for your needs
  • Add Color to identify problem loans / Sort by color
  • Add Color to payment lines
  • Compulsory Fields
  • Background tasks: automatic backups, current balance recomputation, alerts etc.
  • Scan files directly in the software
  • Increase or decrease font size in the Dashboard, Payment schedule, Post payment window
  • Spreadsheets directly in most reports
  • 25+ shortcuts – view with F2
  • Unique Identifiers for Borrowers, Creditors and Loans (to tie in to third-party software)
  • Loan balance and Ageing report based on date – updated daily on Dashboard
  • Obtain the amount payable by borrower at any date to get his payment schedule back on track
  • Remembers last report dates
  • Email mass sending test tool

Investor Module (Participation / Syndicated Loans)(as an add-on module only)

  • Manage complex multi-creditor (investor) investment scenarios including investments and divestments at various dates, pro-rated interest calculations and payment of interest and principal based on investment amounts and dates