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The choice of thousands

  • Mortgage brokers
  • Corporate lenders
    • Loans
    • Equipment, Auto & Truck finance / leasing
  • Personal loan companies
  • Investors
  • Law offices
  • Government agencies
  • SMEs and large corporations
  • Insurance companies
  • See also Financial planning, Accounting, Real Estate, Collection

Common finance-related calculations

  • Corporate loans (regular and irregular payments at fixed or variable interest rates, lump sums, fixed principal, interest only…) using 30/360, Actual/Actual, Actual/365 or Actual/360
  • Personal and Car (auto) loans including APR (Annual Percentage Rate) calculation
  • Lines of credit
  • Mortgages (regular and irregular)
  • Asset finance and leasing (equipment, trucks, cars)
  • Calculation of bond premium (schedule of bond premium amortization – effective interest method
    • Calculation of bond discount
    • Zero-coupon bonds
  • Present value calculations (regular, irregular, indexed future cash flows) for investment (equipment purchase, corporate acquisition)


  • International standards and recognized principles for the calculation of interest (Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa)
  • United States banking rules (Regulation Z, Truth in Lending Act)
  • European Community rules (Directive 98/7/CE)
  • Canadian rules
  • Day count conventions : Actual/actual (also known as Actual/365), 30/360, Actual/360, Actual/365(Fixed)
  • Actuarial rule (Normal amortization), Fixed capital and Interest only
  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate) calculation
  • Simple and Compound interest
  • Unique (fixed) or variable interest rates
  • 4-decimal-point accuracy
  • Multi-currency
  • Printed reports that include quarterly and /or annual and choice of the financial year-end
  • Export of the data to Excel,Word, XML, RTF

Highly specialized features
(for total accuracy in Amortization)

Real-life examples of various calculations

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Fully exploit the power of Margill!

Once the amortization schedule is calculated, use the right mouse click to create totally custom payment schedules: interest only, fixed principal, irregular payment amounts and dates, lump sum, missed and extra payments, variable interest rate/en/finance/s, new principal, etc.

TOTAL flexibility available ONLY in Margill

Multiple variable interest rate tables and indexation tables included – OR create your own

  • All variable interest rates can be incremented (or reduced) by x% as of any date
    For example, prime + 2,5% starting November 15, 2004

Central Bank interest tables

  • United-States – Discount rate (Federal reserve)
  • Great-Britain – Repo rate
  • Canada – Target rate (preferential)
  • Australia – Cash rate
  • Hong Kong – Base rate
  • Europe – Key rates – Deposit facility – European Central Bank
  • South Africa – Prime rate

Late tax rates

  • US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) underpayments
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) underpayments

Legal interest rates

USA (federal post-judgement interest rates), Canada (Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec), Great-Britain, Australia, France, Belgium, Luxembourg

Indexation tables:

  • Inflation rates for various countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg,
  • Historical performance of Stock market indices (annual % change)
    • Dow Jones Industrial Index, S&P 500, NASDAQ, FTSE (London), Toronto Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Hang Seng, Bourse de Paris