The choice of thousands

  • Accountants
    • Corporate clientele
    • General public clientele
  • Tax experts
  • Forensic accountants – see the Law section
  • Financial planners
  • Law offices, legal departments
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • SMEs and large corporations
  • See also Finance, Law, Financial planning, Real Estate, Collection

Common accounting calculations

  • Late tax payments (taxation-office variable-interest rate tables)
  • Investment scenarios & comparisons
  • Future value of regular (or irregular) periodic investments over time
  • Mortgage and loan calculations (regular and irregular payments at fixed or variable interest rates) including APR (Annual Percentage Rate) calculation
  • Calculation of the unknown interest rate applicable to a loan with regular and irregular refunds
  • Present value calculations (regular, irregular, indexed future cash flows)
  • Collection (accounts payable)
  • Asset finance (equipment, trucks, cars)


  • International standards and recognized principles for the calculation of interest (Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa)
  • United States banking rules (Regulation Z, Truth in Lending Act)
  • European Community rules (Directive 98/7/CE)
  • Canadian rules
  • Day count conventions : Actual/actual (also known as Actual/365), 30/360, Actual/360, Actual/365(Fixed)
  • Actuarial rule (Normal amortization), Fixed capital or/and Interest only
  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate) calculation
  • Simple and Compound interest
  • Unique (fixed) or variable interest rates
  • 4-decimal-point accuracy
  • Multi-currency
  • Printed reports that include quarterly and /or annual and choice of the financial year-end
  • Export of the data to Excel,Word, XML, RTF

Highly specialized features
(for total accuracy in Amortization)

Real-life examples of various calculations

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Fully exploit the power of Margill!

Once the amortization schedule is calculated, use the right mouse click to create totally custom payment schedules: interest only, fixed principal, irregular payment amounts and dates, lump sum, missed and extra payments, variable interest rates, new principal, etc.

TOTAL flexibility available ONLY in Margill

Multiple variable interest rate tables and indexation tables included – OR create your own

  • All variable interest rates can be incremented (or reduced) by x% as of any date
    For example, prime + 2,5% starting November 15, 2004

Central Bank interest tables

  • United-States – Discount rate (Federal reserve)
  • Great-Britain – Repo rate
  • Canada – Target rate (preferential)
  • Australia – Cash rate
  • Hong Kong – Base rate
  • Europe – Key rates – Deposit facility – European Central Bank
  • South Africa – Prime rate

Late tax rates

  • US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) underpayments
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) underpayments

Legal interest rates

USA (federal post-judgement interest rates), Canada (Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec), Great-Britain, Australia, France, Belgium, Luxembourg

Indexation tables:

  • Inflation rates for various countries : USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg,
  • Historical performance of Stock market indices (annual % change)
    • Dow Jones Industrial Index, S&P 500, NASDAQ, FTSE (London), Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE), Hong Kong Hang Seng, Bourse de Paris