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How can I create a schedule where I can see the interest that accrues on a daily basis, every day?

Q: My law firm must calculate the interest from June 30, 2019 to May 28, 2020 on an amount due by an insurance company. I must be able to see the interest that accrues every day. Interest rate is 4% annually and amount is 150,250.33. A: In Margill Law Edition, you would usually use the […]

Margill Law/Standard Edition – Regular and Irregular payment schedule

Question: I was wondering who I could contact at Margill for help on calculating a rather complex amortization table. Beginning on 6/25/17 – the principal loan amount was $640,000 at an interest rate of 3% – payments of $3,000 to begin on 1/1/2018. However, a payment of $350,000 was made on 7/12/2017 Additional loan amount […]

How to do erratic payments in Margill Standard/Law Edition

Question: How to do erratic payments in Margill Standard/Law Edition Answer: Pretty simple. Once you entered all your loan data. Click Compute, and you will get to the payment schedule: From there, you can change the Pmt date, the Payment amount, and the Rate. You can even use the right click button to get many […]

Margill Loan Manager Webinar 4.3 new features

Here is the documentation regarding the webinar of version 4.3 of Margill Loan Manager: PDF presentation

Margill Loan Manager version 4.2 webinar

We did a Margill Loan Manager webinar back in December regarding version 4.2 If you missed it, or you would like to see its content, you can refer to the following video and document: PDF presentation Video presentation    

Margill Standard/Law versions: How to do an irregular payments schedule

Question: I have a principal of $200,000 starting 03/01/2017 (over 24 months) and the last payment to be made on March 1, 2019. First payment is on 4/1/2017 at unknown amount. Two $50,000 lump sum payments to be made on 05/01/2017 and 05/01/2018. I must also compute the payments in between the $50,000 payments. Interest […]