Margill Interest/Law Calculator – Features and Calculations

Margill Law/Standard Edition – Regular and Irregular payment schedule

Question: I was wondering who I could contact at Margill for help on calculating a rather complex amortization table. Beginning on 6/25/17 – the principal loan amount was $640,000 at an interest rate of 3% – payments of $3,000 to begin on 1/1/2018. However, a payment of $350,000 was made on 7/12/2017 Additional loan amount […]

How to do erratic payments in Margill Standard/Law Edition

Question: How to do erratic payments in Margill Standard/Law Edition Answer: Pretty simple. Once you entered all your loan data. Click Compute, and you will get to the payment schedule: From there, you can change the Pmt date, the Payment amount, and the Rate. You can even use the right click button to get many […]

Margill Standard/Law versions: How to do an irregular payments scedule

Question: I have a principal of $200,000 starting 03/01/2017 (over 24 months) and the last payment to be made on March 1, 2019. First payment is on 4/1/2017 at unknown amount. Two $50,000 lump sum payments to be made on 05/01/2017 and 05/01/2018. I must also compute the payments in between the $50,000 payments. Interest […]