Can you walk me through how I would update MLM to the latest version on the Cloud?


My Margill Loan Manager is installed on a server on the Cloud.  It wants to have me input a path and so on, and I was not comfortable starting it. It also said to back up MLM data first, and I am not sure if that is necessary for me given that we have the server back-up every night.


When all goes smoothly, an update should take 3-4 minutes.

If not already done, download the full update (for existing clients) at Download from the remote server, not from your personal computer. This way, the installer will already be on the Cloud, as opposed to being on your PC.

Run the Margill Installer. It will ask for the path for the software installation. The default setting will usually be the last installation path or the C: drive which is where Margill is usually installed on the Cloud.

The Data (so where the database resides), when installed on C:\Program Files (x86) will usually be under C:\Program Data\MLM_Data.

If it is not there (as it usually should be), then an error will appear, and you will have to find the proper Data path. Search for the “DB” folder using the Windows search tool. Depending on who did the installation, data could be anywhere, so let’s hope the person who installed did a good, clean job!

ALWAYS do a backup. Everything should go smoothly with the update, but never take the chance; do a backup.

You will need basic knowledge of Windows to do this unless your paths are all properly configured.

Can Margill Loan Manager do progressive Advances to my clients?


Can Margill Loan Manager do progressive Advances to my clients?

For example, my borrower was authorized for a $100,000 loan but this will be disbursed in stages. So 15,000 one day, 10,000 another and so forth…


Short answer… very easily…

You first create a new Record. In this case the first advance of 15k is on 06/06/2017 with regular payments on the first of each month starting July 1. To be repaid over 5 years (60 months).

You can Compute and the following preliminary schedule is created. If we were to leave it at that, we would have 60 payments of $305.59.

For information purposes, let’s enter that the loan is for a maximum of 100,000 (General tab):

Now for the next draws. Do you know when they are to be paid of not? If so, you can enter them on the set Advance dates as Additional Principal (Loan). Notice below there are 2 more Advances, the first for 10k and the second for 25k. We include these as negative amounts to increase the Balance.

I also used the right mouse click to recompute the payments to get 0.00 as my ending balance after 60 months.

So the new payments become 1099.54. You could recompute the payments to give 0.00 at any time or stretch out the loan (add more payment months). As you wish….

If you do not know when the money is to be advanced to your borrower, then you enter the Additional Principal as the information comes in and your recompute your payments (increase them) as more principal is advanced.

New Margill Loan Manager client: Strada Education Network

We would like to welcome Strada Education Network as a new user of our Loan Servicing Software, Margill Loan Manager.

Strada is a non-profit organization that works to help students through their education path. They offer many different types of solutions to improve student outcomes in higher education and facilitate successful career transitions.

More information on Strada Education Network website.

For more testimonials, please visit: Client Testimonials

The Margill Team.

Margill Loan Manager version 4.3 now available for download

Testing and tweaking is now a thing of the past. Version 4.3 of Margill Loan Manager is now available to download in our Download Center

To see the full list of new features, please visit our Release Notes.

We are already working on Version 4.4, which should be released in late October 2017.

The Margill Team.

Margill Loan Manager – Principal and Interest forecast


I need to break down the due payment for the next fiscal into Due payment interest portion total and Due payment principal portion.


If you are on version 4.3 and above (go to to download) go to Reports > Personalized Reports > Record List (Customized) with Period Breaks.

1) Report template

Click on New, name your report and select the fields from the left.

In the example below I selected the Borrower Business and Loan ID to identify each loan.

Then I selected, under the “Interest” theme, the “Interest Accrued (for period)”. We call it “Accrued” but in fact, for projections it is TO BE accrued. I will rename my column header to “Interest – Forecast” (see below).

Finally, select, under the “Principal’ theme “Principal Accrued (including any transaction on the report Start Date)(for period)” – renamed to “Principal – Forecast”.

Report template is now complete.

2) Actual report

First select the desired Records from the Main window and go to Reports > Personalized Reports > Record List (Customized) with Period Breaks.

This report will break down the principal and interest by month, quarter or year. So you can do short and long term projections – short term for 12 months broken down by month and short/medium/ long term over 5 years.

Now run the report which may take  few minutes (thousands of calculations are done!). You then get results that can be shown in a variety of ways (horizontal, vertical and summaries). You can even show Totals.

Summary view below: